Monday, March 9, 2015

2nd in Creighton!

 Friday afternoon we headed to Creighton for another little kids wrestling tournament.  Justin had to weigh-in before 5 p.m. and wrestling started at 5:15 p.m.  Justin weighed in at 48.0 lbs.
 Justin wrestled more aggressive in Creighton than he had the previous tournament.  He remembered to keep his head up, spin to get behind to get takedown points, and to grab the legs quicker for a takedown and gain control in the match.
 First up was a wrestler from Elkhorn Valley and Justin won on points.  Coach/Cousin Zac was telling Justin what to do from the edge of the match.

 Then Justin faced a wrestler from Creighton losing 2-6.  He fought hard, but time ran out on a reversal at the end of one period.

 Justin finished in 2nd place and received his medal from Uncle Randy. 
This is a group photo of Keith, Justin, Scott Fritz and Kaden Fritz.  Keith and Scott work together and are both area supervisors for NPPD.  Scott over the linemen and Keith over the substation crew.  Justin is a couple weeks older than Kaden, but definitely smaller in size.  Congrats to Kaden on winning his bracket!

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  1. Way to go Justin!! What a great wrestler!