Monday, February 16, 2015

First Tournament of Wrestling Season

Justin wrestled on Sunday in the Elkhorn Valley Tournament.  This year he had to move up a division to 1st & 2nd Grade.  This made him a little worried to wrestle a second grader since he is only in first grade.  But, his coaches said that he was ready.
He weighed in at 49.3 lbs.  Justin is a lightweight.  The other kids in his class that wrestled all weighed in about 6 pounds heavier.  First, he wrestled a kid from Logan View and pinned him in 42 seconds in the first period.  Next, Justin wrestled a kid from Ainsworth and pinned him in 16 seconds in the second period.  This was Justin's hardest match.  Last, Justin wrestled a kid from West Holt and got a technical fall with a 11-0 score.
He was all smiles atop the medal stand with his 1st Place trophy.  These photos aren't the best off Keith's phone, but they captured the memory for me to see later at the basketball tournament.  Justin proudly showed off his trophy to other kids and parents at Erica's basketball tournament.

Now Justin is all ready for the next little kids' wrestling tournament.

Take care,


  1. Wow !!! Way to go Justin!! That is awesome!

  2. How exciting! Way to go, Justin!