Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter Volleyball League

Last Sunday was the last day of the Lakeview Winter League.  The last day was set up as a tournament with the 16 teams being placed into the Gold Division and the Silver Division.  The top eight in the gold and the bottom eight in the silver. 

The 8th Grade girls from Norfolk Catholic were the #8 seed in the Gold Division. First up the girls had to play the #1 seed Wayne 7.  It was a loss in two sets, but they fought hard and had their chances.  Next, they defeated Lakeview Blue in two sets.  Last, they played Battle Creek Digs and lost in two close sets.  Overall, the girls finished in 6th place.  For being the #8 seed, they moved up two spots to finish in 6th which is good.

Unfortunately, Cara has a hurt right shoulder again.  She is in pain like she was this fall during volleyball.  Sunday was a painful day in the gym for her.  She would serve one overhand and then one underhand, before I told her going into the second game to only serve underhand.  Monday afternoon was a trip back to Dr. Adams, a family and sports medicine doctor.  She had a x-ray and the bone structure looks good.  On Thursday morning, she is going to have a MRI on the shoulder.  She cannot continue to be in this pain and we need answers to heal the shoulder.

As a consequence, she is out of the next winter volleyball league in March.  Many tears have been shed that she cannot play league.  The shoulder needs to heal completely from the over-use.  She needs to be 100% for volleyball in the fall.  Hopefully, nothing is wrong with her shoulder and she just needs rest and physical therapy.

Take care,


  1. Poor Cara. I hope she feels better soon! :)

  2. So sorry for Cara - I know how much girls love their volleyball. Hope she feels better and you get some answers soon!