Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Tonight while driving in the car with Justin, this is the question from the backseat, "Mom, do the kids at the public school pray?"

I'm thinking, "Where did this come from?", but I reply, "No, they don't pray at school.  It is against the rules."

Next question from Justin, "Do they pray before they eat their lunch?"

My reply, "No, it is against the rules for them to pray at school."

Justin's reply, "So those kids don't pray when school starts, at lunch, or after recess."

My replay, "No, they can't pray at school."

Justin's next question, "Do they pray at their home?"

My answer, "Yes, they can pray at home and I hope they do."

I'm not sure what they talked about at school today. But, I'm sure this little scenario was brought up last week during Catholic Schools Week.  I was pretty proud that he thought that much about praying and that he can't imagine not being able to pray at school.

Take care,


  1. How cute! Carson and Kamree have always and continue to ask the most random questions while driving! I am not sure what gets their little minds thinking!

  2. Good questions Justin! Makes you appreciate his attending Catholic schools and their ability to pray throughout the day! I actually was praying out loud the other day driving on icy streets! Another snow day here -- hope your kids got one too!