Monday, February 2, 2015

One Year Anniversary

The end of January marked my one year anniversary working for Lawrence Merchandising.  My second part-time job as a merchandiser started as just a way to earn a little extra cash for fun stuff.  But, after reviewing my W-2 from them last week, I guess I worked quite a bit and earned more than I thought I would.

I can be found most weekday mornings at Target merchandising jewelry, sunglasses, trading cards, greeting cards, or other items they throw at me.  Occasionally, I am can be found working at Walmart in health and beauty or in the premium chocolate candy. 

Usually, I drop the kids off at school and then I go merchandise for a few hours before heading to school to work lunch.  I love that this part-time job is so flexible most of the time.  I am given a set number of projects to complete in a certain number of hours for the week, but I usually get to pick what day and time I want to complete them.  I try not to have to go back to the store after school, but sometimes I have to go back to fit everything in for the week.

I am also still merchandising for a few other companies as well, but I spend the most time working for Lawrence Merchandising.  I enjoy my second part-time job because it is something different almost every week.  For example, one week my extra project is repackaging Timex watches and the next week I am working with Hanes bras or putting instant redeemable coupons on some cosmetics or building an endcap of fireworks or building and setting up a new premium chocolate display.  It is not the same every day or every week and that is why I like this job so much. 

When I left retail 15 years ago, I told myself I would never go back.  But, this I can handle and enjoy because I don't have to work the awful long hours, I don't have to deal with awful customers and I don't have to work holidays or weekends.

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