Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jr. High Basketball

 Cara has been playing junior high basketball for a few weeks already.  The junior high girls have a short season.  They started playing games the week of Thanksgiving and the season wraps up next weekend.
 The last week has been a long week for Cara they have had four games in less than a week.  They played at Battle Creek on Saturday morning, at Hartington CC on Monday night, at home against Pierce on Tuesday and tonight they travel to Columbus Scotus.  She is exhausted between playing and trying to keep up on homework.  She needs the weekend to rest and recover.
 Next week they play Monday against Wayne, Thursday against West Point Guardian Angel and in their own tournament on Saturday.  Then the season is over right before semester finals the following week.
 There are five 8th Grade girls out for basketball; therefore, some 7th Graders have been playing up.  It is rough playing when you don't have the numbers to field a complete team.  I give the girls credit for going out and completing, but it is tough.
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