Friday, December 5, 2014

3-on-3 YMCA Basketball League

 On the four Monday nights in November, Erica was on a 3-on-3 basketball team.  There were actually three Norfolk Catholic 6th grade girls teams playing in the league.  The coaches divided the girls playing club basketball into teams and entered them in the league.  It was a great warm-up for club ball season for the girls which starts after the first of the year.
 Erica was on a team with Adri, Carly and Reilly.  Every Monday night they played two games of basketball.  Each week they split, winning one game and losing one game.
 This was a new and tough experience for the girls.  The games were 25 minutes long with a continuous running clock.  Each basket was one point.  No free throws were shot.  It you were shooting the ball when a foul was called it was an automatic point.  After seven fouls, each foul was a point for the other team.
 The girls continue to improve on their skills - boxing out, defense, ball handling, etc. 
 For now, Erica attends practice once per week for club basketball.  They will start playing in tournaments after the new year.

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  1. Such athletic kids-- what fun! Seems early for basketball -- but I am so behind this year! Have a good week!

  2. How fun! We are spending lots of time in the gym too -- practice on Tuesday nights and games on Sunday afternoons and evenings.

  3. We're about to start up again. Or, Carter will try out. Fingers crossed he makes it!