Thursday, December 4, 2014

Helping One Another

Cara recently had a project for Theology class.  The project was to create a place of worship. 
 Cara enlisted the help of her brother, Justin, and a neighbor boy, Aiden.  She explained that they needed to make a church, like our church, out of Legos.  She told them they needed an altar, pews, parishioners, etc.  These two little boys went to work digging through their stash of Legos and this is what they came up with.
Our church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, is a circular place of worship.  The people sit in a circle with the altar in the middle.  They made pews with people sitting in them.  Notice the priest is a Star Wars figure, but the boys picked him because they said that Father Andrews usually has on a white robe.  You may also notice that on the altar is a cup and a bowl of hosts for communion.  Then they added a piano and a guy, Mr. Henkel, to the mix.

By the way, this did cost Cara a bag of candy and gum for the boys' help.

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