Friday, December 26, 2014

First Basketball Game

 Justin has been waiting for this day for years!  He got to play his first basketball game ever. Justin was so excited that he could barely contain it. He is so ready to play something/anything instead of just watching his sisters.
 He is on a team at the YMCA for 1st Graders.  Justin's age group plays 4-on-4 basketball with no refs, no time clock, and no score keeping.  But, when the final whistle blew, Justin knew that his team had won. 
 They must play zone defense and each player needs to stay in his zone on the floor.  This keeps the kids from playing bunch ball.  Justin stayed in his zone on defense.  He knew that he was playing as a forward.  His coaches are doing a great job of teaching the boys positions, how to throw the ball in bounds, a defensive stance, how to pass, etc.
 Justin didn't score any points, but he did shoot.  He played good defense and he didn't double dribble or travel when he had the ball. 
He is on a basketball break now because of the holidays, but he is ready to play again and wants to go practice over the break at the YMCA.  He even got a new basketball for Christmas.

Take care,


  1. He is getting tall!! What fun to watch him play! Enjoy the holidays, I know you will!

  2. Oh my word! He is sooo cute! Hope you had a great Christmas! It was fun chatting with you last night for a quick second!

  3. New basketball for Christmas. Time to practice, mom!