Sunday, December 14, 2014

Elementary Christmas Concert

Last Sunday was the elementary Christmas concert at school.  It is nice to see all the students out of school uniform and dressed up for a change.  Justin got to sit between two girls which is right up his alley.  He likes to talk to girls.  Oh, and Justin does not like to dress up.  He asked me why he had to wear a nice shirt?  None of our children like to dress up.
 Erica hanging out with some of her classmates waiting for the concert to start.

 The students sang some really catchy Christmas songs this year.  They had the crowd laughing and tapping a toe to the music.  Mrs. Nissen teaches the younger grades and Mrs. Cornett teaches the older grades.  This year Mrs. Booth helped get the students ready for the program due to Mrs. Cornett having a baby this fall.  All the songs had actions to go along with the songs.

 This was Erica's last grade school Christmas program.  It seems like just yesterday we were going to her first program when she was in preschool.
 The program concluded with the teachers singing a song with the Sacred Heart Singers.
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  1. I love those Christmas concerts! So sweet and special!

  2. Last grade school program. Life moves fast. :)