Friday, May 2, 2014

Ring & Run - May Day

 When I asked the kids this week who was ready to ring and run, Justin's hand went up immediately.  Cara was not in and the other two girls weren't so sure.  But, I went ahead and bought the stuff for May Day treats.  In our solo cups this year were:  small cans of pop, gummy bears, gummy worms, starbursts, skittles and popcorn.  I think we made about 18 cups for friends.

When Cara was little, the kids in our neighborhood were all ringing doorbells and running between and around houses for cover.  But, quite a few kids that used to ring & run are getting big.  I realized that one of those kids is a girl that is graduating from high school in a couple weeks.  Where does the time go?
Justin and Ashlin started popping popcorn and filling cups as soon as we got home from school and then the sneaking began.  First, they went over to the neighbors behind us.  It was a success and they weren't caught.  Next up, was Preston and Elliot, on the block over.  Preston was outside mowing the yard so this required them to have to wait between the houses for him to move to another side of the house.  If you look closely, Justin is laying in the neighbor's rocks watching the mowing. 

They may be getting big, but they had so much fun!  Ashlin even caught Ryan from next door, but she didn't give him a kiss. 

Take care,


  1. This is so fun. I need to start it in SoCal!

  2. Oh my word! May Day is soooo much fun! Love your solo cups!