Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3rd & 4th Grade Track & Field Day

Getting instructions before the day starts.
 Ashlin had 3rd & 4th Grade Track & Field Day last Tuesday.  She was very excited and was up at the crack of dawn.  She even had picked out what she would wear the night before and had her bag packed with essentials (meaning sunscreen).  The weather was beautiful, not too hot and a little windy.
Coming down the stretch in the 200M.
 Each student could compete in two field events (Frisbee throw, softball throw, football throw, long jump) and two running events (50M, 100M, 200M, 400M).  Ashlin had signed up for the softball throw, Frisbee throw, 100M and the 200M.

Lined up for the 100M.
Ashlin had a great day at the track.  She finished 5th in the 100M, 2nd in the softball throw and 1st in the 200M.  Ashlin was the only 3rd Grade girl to run the 200M; therefore, she placed 1st.  But, they put her in a heat with some 4th Grade girls and in the heat she placed 2nd.  She ran her heart out!

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  1. Wow -- way to go Ashlin!! Your kids are such great athletes!

  2. What an exciting day for Ashlin! That rocks!