Friday, May 30, 2014

Pillow Pizazz Workshop

 Ashlin attended a pillow making workshop for beginning sewers last week.  This is Ashlin's second time to sew.  First, everyone in the workshop had to practice sewing on the machine with no thread on a piece of paper.  The paper was marked with straight lines, curvy lines and squares to sew on.  Then after showing an adult their papers they could sew on fabric.
 Ashlin chose to make a patchwork pattern pillow out of four squares for the front and four squares for the back.  The patterns are to be alternated and the goal is for the seams and corners of the alternating fabrics to match.
 Of course, there was a snack time to refresh between sewing and stuffing the pillows.  After stuffing the pillow, then each beginner had to learn how to hand sew the pillow closed using a hidden stitch.  That was probably the hardest step for each of them.
Another project completed for the fair!  This pillow matches Ashlin's room and she did a great job sewing and getting the seams and corners to match almost perfect.

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  1. That turned out so cute. Kamree is getting a sewing machine for her birthday so maybe her pen pal can help her! HA HA!

  2. Very cool! Must check and see if there are some beginning sewing workshops around here!

  3. That is very cool. You are giving your girls some wonderful life skills. I have never done a lot of sewing but I did a lot of cooking in 4-H and I am very grateful for those wonderful lessons I learned.