Monday, April 28, 2014

Norfolk Youth Track Club

While Cara was busy with two track meets last week, the three little ones also had a track meet.  Erica and Ashlin have not participated in youth track the last couple of years, but Erica got talked into it by a few friends and we told Ashlin this was her extra practice to get ready for track and field day at school next week.
 The running events track meet was Thursday night.  The weather on Thursday was sunny and pretty warm with not much wind.  Ashlin's first event was the 400M Dash.  She was excited, but nervous to run.  She didn't understand the staggered start, so, Ashlin took off fast and passed two girls on the curve before heading into the wind on the back stretch.  Then she thought the finish line was in front of the grandstand so she started to slow down.  The finish line was at the past the grandstand.  We were yelling for her to keep running.  She finished in 5th place with a time of 1.39.7.  She was smiling and glad when it was over.
 Next, we had Justin running the 50M Dash.  He placed 3rd with a time of 10.5 seconds.  He ran his heart out!
 Then Erica was up in the 100M Dash where she placed 2nd in 16.6 seconds.  Each kid is placed in a heat based on what year they were born.
 Then Justin picked to run the 100M Dash for his second event of the night.  He finished 4th in a time of 20.3 seconds. He was having so much fun!
 Ashlin and Erica both picked to run the 200M Dash for their second event.  Ashlin placed 2nd in 40.8 seconds.  In the 200M, she knew where the finish line was which helped.  Erica placed 4th with a time of 34.8 seconds.
It was a great night at the track and we were so proud of them for competing and giving it their all!  This week we will have the field events meet and next week Erica and Ashlin have track and field day at school.

On a side note, Cara did have two track meets last week.  One day she went to Battle Creek and Keith took the day off from work and went and watched.  Then on Saturday, she competed in the conference junior high track meet in Hartington.  Grandpa and Grandma Leader, Keith and I braved a very windy day to watch her compete.  The wind made it hard to compete, but she improved by 10 inches in the long jump.  We consider that a successful day.  We have told her that it isn't all about placing, but improving and gaining experience.

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  1. Wow -- your kids are great little athletes! Way to go!

  2. Hooray for track! It looks like everyone is having sooo much fun!

  3. Your kids are such awesome athletes. Well done, mama!