Friday, May 16, 2014

Taylor Creek Angels Baseball

 Justin started baseball practice a few weeks ago and on Wednesday this week he had his first game.  Sorry there are no photos from the first game due to the weather being really cold and windy, plus Keith, Cara and I were all snuggled under a blanket while sitting on our lawn chairs.  These photos are from a practice on a night when the weather was nice.
 Justin is on the Taylor Creek Angels team.  The Angels won their first game 12-8 with the game tied going into the bottom of the last inning.  In his first game, he played between first and second base on the edge of the infield.  He had a few grounders hit to him, he fielded the ball, and threw the ball to first base for a few outs.  It was so cold, but he was having fun.
 Justin is playing coach-pitch baseball this year.  He had a few hits the other night, but he did have to use the tee one time.  He is learning and still trying to figure out if he is a right-handed hitter or a left-handed hitter.  He throws best with his right arm, but batting he is able to bat from either side about the same.
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  1. Oh my -- sounds like you are busy with sports just like the Lincoln Leaders! Have a fun weekend!

  2. So busy! We just wrapped up a 3 month baseball season with Closing Ceremonies still to come. Long commitment!