Thursday, October 24, 2013

Parent Teacher Conferences

The 1st quarter ended last Friday, therefore, Parent Teacher Conferences were this week. 

Monday night Keith and I went to the high school to visit Cara's teachers.  Every teacher commented that Cara is quiet in class and does not volunteer an answer unless called upon.  I don't think that we have heard that comment about Cara since Kindergarten or maybe never.  Cara was not a shy person in grade school.  A few teachers said that maybe it is just the transition from grade school to junior high for her.  Every teacher commented that Cara has more potential and needs to be more consistent.  The first quarter has been a transition for Cara.  She has had to learn to balance homework with sports, adjust to a different teacher for each class, and to adjust to a different building. Cara had a good 1st quarter report card.  We hope that the 2nd quarter will go more smoothly.

Wednesday, Keith and I visited the grade school to receive reports on the other three.  First up was Erica.  Ms. Fintowski, Erica's 5th grade teacher, asked that the student come to the conference with the parents so that they could also hear the comments.  Ms. Fintowski made this comment first to us, "Erica is the hardest working student in the fifth grade and her report card is a reflection of her effort!"  Erica had an awesome report card and we were very proud of her!  Erica earned every one of those grades with her hard work and effort.

Then we went to the room right next door to visit with Mrs. Hochstein, Ashlin's 3rd Grade teacher.  Ashlin is by far the most quiet of our 4 children and her teacher commented on how quiet she is.  She said that Ashlin is always paying attention and will answer when called upon with the right answer.  Ashlin is a very good student and things come very easy for her in the classroom.  Mrs. Hochstein is going to continue to work on challenging Ashlin in the classroom.  Ashlin had an exceptional report card!

Lastly was Justin's conference with Mrs. Bowder his Kindergarten teacher.  She commented how she loves having Justin in her classroom and how well behaved he is.  She said that he listens and follows directions.  Then she asked us about how he became so good with numbers.  Justin can count to 200, can write his numbers to 150 and is able to recognize double digit numbers.  She complimented Justin on his good penmanship and good coloring.  Justin is not quite ready to read yet.  He doesn't want to take the time to sound out words, but this will come.

All four of our children are different individuals - physically, academically, personality, etc.  It was a great round of conferences for us as parents.  We are so proud of them!

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  1. Carter went through the same transition in the 6th grade. It's a big change. But, he's back to straight As and doing well. She'll be great!

  2. What great reports on your adorable kiddos! Maddy has the same issues every single year -- it takes her quite a while to warm up to new teachers and volunteer answers.

  3. Wow! What great conferences! It sounds like school is going so well this year! Hooray for a great school year!