Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another Saturday Watching Volleyball-Part I

We had another long day of volleyball last Saturday.  Cara had a 7th Grade Tournament in Wisner and Erica had a 5th Grade Tournament in Laurel.  At the last minute we decided to carpool with another family with girls in 5th and & 7th Grade.  So the moms, Becky and I, along with Justin and Ashlin headed to Wisner and the dads, Tom and Keith, went to Laurel.
 The girls' first game was against Laurel.  They won the first set, and then lost a close 2nd and 3rd set.  They start out so good and then the wheels fall off the bus somewhere.  They communicate and move during the first set.  They have improved soooo much and are so close to winning.  They have to continue to fight for every point and never give up.
 The offense is really starting to come together.  Numerous times they are doing a bump, set and spike.  This is a huge improvement for them.  But, the growing pains are hard.  A few of the girls have never played volleyball before and are just learning the game in the 7th Grade.
 Cara had a rough day serving.  She kept shanking balls.  Then when she finally got a serve over, she had a foot fault twice.  She was frustrated.
 The girls also played teams from David City and West Point Guardian Angel Central Catholic.  Against David City, they again won the first set and then lost the next two sets.  Against West Point Guardian Angel, the coach played a totally different line-up and it was a disaster from the start.
 During the day, Keith and I kept calling back and forth to get updates on both gyms.  After the games, Cara rode the bus back to Norfolk and Becky, Ashlin, Justin and I jumped in with Kassmeiers and we all went to Laurel to finish the tournament there.
After the bus returned to Norfolk, Cara was instructed to walk home with Emma and hang out until the parents got back to town.  Cara, Sydney and Emma hung out for a short time at Emma's house before walking in the cold over a mile to our house.  When they got to our house, they had no way in because all the doors were locked.  Therefore, Sydney crawled through the garage window to get the girls into the house.  The girls then hung out at our house for a few more hours.  On Sunday, Keith installed an outside garage door key pad so that we will not have kids crawling through the garage window anymore.  I still can't believe they did that!

I'll be back tomorrow with Part II - the recap on Erica's tournament.

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  1. Holy cow! That is alot of volleyball in one weekend! Hooray for a new key pad. We didn't have one at our old house and we couldn't live without one now!

  2. Glad we made it to see the last game!! it was cool to see her in action. Wish we lived closer and could cheer her on more often!! It was also great to see everyone that eveing-even if it was a short visit!!