Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ashlin Starts Something New

Ashlin has started piano lessons.  She was very excited that she is finally in 3rd Grade and old enough to start piano lessons.  She practices her lesson very faithfully and does not have to be reminded to practice.  Mrs. Nissen, her teacher, says that Ashlin is going to fly through the first set of books. 

Before started lessons a few weeks ago, Ashlin had started teaching herself how to play by following the beginner piano books that we had.  Unfortunately, Cara and Erica have given up on playing the piano.  They both quit last May which made me sad at the time, but I don't miss telling them to go practice.  I used to love to play.  I would sit down and play for an hour at a time when I was stressed.  It was a way for my stress to go away.  Now I sit down once in a blue moon and plink a little.  The kids were amazed to hear me play one day.  They didn't believe that I could really play until they heard it.

Take care,


  1. That's cute that they didn't believe you could play. My dopey kids freak out every time I run. Because they rarely see it. I'm obviously really out of shape. :)

  2. Good for her and so nice that you don't have to remind her to practice!! Wish we had a piano player in the house!

  3. Way to go, Ashlin! I always wanted to play the piano! Such a great life long skill!