Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Justin Turns 6!

 When you are little, you count the months and then days until your next birthday!  This little boy counted and counted until the day he turned 6 years old on Monday.  He was so excited and ready to go to school on Monday.  He took Rice Krispy treats to share with his class for his birthday.  Every student in the class had to make Justin a birthday card which was very nice.
 As with family tradition, the birthday person gets to pick where the family goes out to eat supper.  Justin picked Big Red Keno.  Good choice Justin because the food is always great there.
 Dad took off work a little early and took Justin shopping for a new bike.  He has been wanting a new bike all summer and he has been riding a pink cast-off from his sisters.  This smile was worth the wait.  He has already been seen cruising around the neighborhood on his new wheels.
Justin has really gotten into Legos lately.  So naturally, he also got a new 3-in-1 Lego kit and a large tote to store his Legos.

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  1. Our youngest is 6. Such a weird realization....I always think "young" kids are 5 and under. He's a doll!

  2. How can he be 6 already!! He's such a little cutie!! Am sure he will riding that bicycle all over the place! What a great birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, Justin! It looks like he had so much fun celebrating his special day!