Monday, November 4, 2013

Singing at The Meadows

 The three Kindergarten classes walked to The Meadows on Halloween to sing for the residents some Halloween songs.  The Meadows is a retirement home/assisted living facility that is about six blocks from the school.  I walked along with the students.
 The children sang about pumpkins, spiders, ghosts, etc. for the residents.  The sun was shining bright that morning and the students had to face a big bank of windows so the photos aren't very good.  The residents love it when the students come to entertain them.
The students even had a few riddles for the residents to solve.  This was a good morning Halloween activity because the students were very excited for their Halloween parties that afternoon.

Take care,


  1. What a fun afternoon. I bet the residents loved the entertainment! How many more days until Black Friday?!

  2. We did this with Carter when he was around 2 and it was SO special.....for us, them and Carter. What a great visit.