Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

 Memorial Day weekend is the kick-off to summer, but you never know what the weather in Nebraska is going to bring that last weekend in May.  We had a busy, but relaxing weekend.  On Saturday, we attended the annual Korth family picnic.  After eating all of the delicious food, we headed home to change and head for the lake.
 We just hung out at the beach for a few hours playing and relaxing.  The water is still a bit cold, but that didn't stop the kids.  Keith isn't for sure when he bought this inflatable boat, but the kids just LOVE it.  They played in the boat and threw a football for awhile.  We also stopped and put flowers on both sets of my grandparents graves on the way to the lake.
 On Sunday, the weather again was supposed to be in the 90s so we decided to head for the river by Yankton.  We stopped in Creighton and put flowers on Aunt Lorrie's grave and then stopped at Grandpa and Grandma Leader's house.  Then it was on to the river.  We went to the beach area at Weigand and the kids played in the water.  The water was again on the cold side, but they still had fun in the water and playing in the sand.  We met up with our friends, the Johnson family.  They were camping there for the weekend.
Later we packed up and headed for home when the dark clouds started to roll in.  On the way home, we encountered strong rains.  We missed the hail and the strong winds.  There were many thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings out for the area.  On the way home, we heard on the radio that the tornado sirens were going off in Norfolk.  We were glad to get home safe and also glad that we didn't have our boat.  Norfolk received over 2 inches of rain.

On Monday, we relaxed and did some yard work.  In the evening we had a pizza party with Ryan and Alice next door.  They wanted to thank us for helping them when the last hail storm went through Norfolk and they weren't home.  We helped get water out of their basement.  It was a relaxing evening and a good way to end the long weekend.

Take care,


  1. Isn't it amazing how kids are never turned off by the cold water? California water is ALWAYS cold. And, my kids always swim.

  2. It looks like you had loads of fun over Memorial Day weekend! Love the water pictures!

  3. Sounds like you had a great kickoff to summer. I am sure the water will warm up soon.