Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5th & 6th Grade Track & Field Day

Wednesday, May 3rd, was track and field day for the 5th and 6th grades at school.  Keith and I were both sunburned from the first day, but we were back at the track for day #2.  Again, parents were recruited to help measure and time.  Keith helped with the frisbee throw and I measured for the football throw and timed events.
 Cara won 1st place in the frisbee throw and 1st place in the softball throw.  She placed 6th in both the 100M and the 50M.  Then she ran a leg on the 4x400 relay that placed 1st.
 As a short break between the running events and the relays, the students danced to music on the track over the PA system.  They needed a fun break.
Finally, before everyone went home we took a class picture of the grade.  This 5th grade class is the smallest class in the entire school and the 6th grade class is the largest class in the school.The 6th grade class is over twice the size of the 5th grade class.  It was a fun two days at the track and we can't wait until next year.

P.S.  Erica brought home her ribbons yesterday and she placed 6th both the 50M and the 100M dashes.  She also placed in her relay.

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