Monday, May 14, 2012

Go Gorillas!

 Soccer season ended last week for Justin, Erica and Ashlin.  Justin played on the royal blue gorillas team.  His coach was me (aka Mom).  I have never coached before but figured I could probably handle six little boys that were all 3 or 4 years old.  At the start of every game, I made a point of telling and showing the team which direction we were going to kick the ball and which goal was ours.
 Justin loved playing soccer and he did score a few goals at his last game.
 Justin is an aggressive player and understands what to do when he plays.

At the end of every game, we would have a team huddle.  I would ask everyone if they had fun playing soccer.  In itty bitty soccer, the score isn't kept.  The game is all about having fun and that everyone gets to play.  Also in our huddle we always did a cheer with everyone putting their hands in and on the count of 3 yelling "Go Gorillas!".

Now that soccer is over, Justin is ready to start t-ball at the YMCA.  We'll see how he likes this sport.

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