Monday, May 7, 2012

3rd & 4th Grade Track & Field Day

 Tuesday, May 1st was Track & Field Day at school for the 3rd and 4th grade classes.  Keith and I both took off two days from work to be at the track to watch and cheer.  Erica chose to participate in the long jump, softball throw, 50M dash and the 100M dash.  In this photo, Erica is long jumping.
 The weather was sunny and low 80's, but the wind was really blowing.  They changed the direction of the running races so the students didn't have to run into the wind.
 Parents are recruited to help measure and time.  Mrs. Vrbka, Keith and I had to measure the Frisbee throw for 3rd graders.  Later on I helped time the running events. 
Erica hanging out with friends, Charli, Gabby and Reilly.  Erica hasn't received her ribbons yet and she doesn't know if she placed yet because Ms. Freese doesn't tabulate results until after the day is over.  The students will receive their ribbons this week in PE.  Erica did win her heats in the 50M and 100M dashes though, so hopefully she has some ribbons coming her way.

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  1. It looks like a fun track day! Cute pictures! I miss Track Club! The punks always had sooo much fun!