Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jump Rope for Heart

Before heading to the YMCA for Justin's soccer evaluations, I dropped Ashlin and Erica off at the school gym so that they could spend the afternoon participating in Jump Rope for Heart.  Ms. Freese, the PE teacher, sponsors this event every year for students in grades Kindergarten through 6th Grade.
 The kids are on teams of 4-6 students. One member from each team must always be jumping rope for the entire three hours of the jump.
 The students raise money for the American Heart Association.  During the afternoon they have the opportunity to win prizes.  Drawings are held throughout the afternoon and at the end each participant gets a snack and a bottle of water.  The student from each classroom that raises the most money also gets to participate in "Pie In The Eye" at a later date.  The student gets to pie in the eye the teacher at school of his/her choosing.  Last year Ashlin was a participant.
 Saylor, Josy and Ashlin ready to start jumping.  They were on a team together with some other 1st Grade boys.
 Cece, Anna, Erica and Charli were on a team together.  Ashlin also jumped with them part of the time.

Ashlin and Erica jumping rope together.

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  1. This is close to my heart because of my sister's disease and all that she's endured. Carter does this every year, too. Awesome event!

  2. Cory and Carson participated in the same event! What a fun way to support a great cause. Cute pictures!