Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Part I

 Late Saturday afternoon we headed to my parents to celebrate Easter with them.  Grandpa and Grandma Korth always hide Easter eggs for the kids to find outside.
 Justin and Ashlin each had 14 eggs to find.  Each grandchild is assigned a color of egg to find.  Justin had to find orange (his favorite color) eggs.  Ashlin's eggs were in the back of the house and Justin's eggs were hid in the front of the house.
 Grandpa supervised their part of the Easter egg hunt.
 Cara and Erica go on a scavenger hunt to find their eggs.  Cara felt that she was too old to participate this year, but Dad told her to find the eggs and he would eat the candy. 
 After reading each clue they had to figure out the next location.  At the next spot they would find 3 eggs, one for Erica, one for Cara and one egg holding the next clue.
 Justin picked up a few of the scavenger hunt eggs and they had to be put back.  Grandpa kept telling him that he could only pick up orange eggs.
Inside one of each of their eggs was a note to go see Grandpa for a prize.  The prize turned out to be $10.  They each felt rich after receiving their prize.
The girls took turns reading the next clue.  Grandma said maybe next year Ashlin could join in the scavenger hunt.

After the egg hunt was over, we ate a roast beef supper and played Family Feud and Yahtzee.  It was an enjoyable evening.

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  1. What a great night. I bet the girls were glad they did the scavenger hunt after finding out what the prize was.

  2. It looks like you had loads of fun! Cute pictures!