Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Coloring Contest Winners

The local Shopper newspaper sponsored an Easter coloring contest.  Ashlin was immediately ready to participate and then Erica decided to also participate.
When the shopper arrived on Tuesday afternoon, we discovered that both of the girls had placed in the contest.  Ashlin winning 2nd place and Erica winning 1st place in their age divisions.
Erica's prize for 1st place is an hour of free bowling and shoe rental for up to 5 people and free pop.  She is trying to decide what 4 friends get to go bowling with her one day.  
Ashlin's prize was a huge Easter basket from Walgreens.  She got a coupon for a free Easter basket and then we went to Walgreens where she got to pick out any basket that she wanted under $20.  Her pick was this huge basket with candy and a pet puppy with accessories.  Naturally, Justin wanted to be in on getting his photo taken and also eating the candy.

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