Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5th Grade Biblical Plays

 Mrs. Jessen's Fantastic 5th Graders presented some Biblical plays to other grade school students and parents before Easter.  Justin and I went to the first performance and after taking one photo my camera battery went dead, so I had to take photos when I attended the plays later with the preschool class.
Cara, Charli & Shelby doing the Apostle rap.
 The Biblical stories presented were "Pentecost", "The Final Judgement", "The Seed and the Sower", and "Samson".  The whole class was in the first play "Pentecost" with most of them playing the part of one of the apostles.
The Final Judgement play with Audrey playing the referee between the sheep and the goats.
 The plays did have a narrator telling the story and the characters acting out the story would say parts on occasion.  There was also crowd participation; therefore, you had to pay attention through out.  The plays were on the comical side, but help the younger students better understand the Biblical stories.
The Seed and the Sower - Elliot portraying the sun, Audrey & Raymond are seeds and Conner is the sower.

The "Samson" play - Joe acting as Samson with Cameron & Cara as Philistines.

Samson & Delilah - Joe & Charli

Taking Samson captive.

Samson flexing his muscles for the crowd.

After the plays were over, Justin did not want to leave.  He wanted to stay and watch the next performance because he thought they were so funny, plus he knows quite a few of Cara's classmates.

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