Monday, April 19, 2010

Kindergarten Round-Up

On Friday afternoon Ashlin, Keith and I headed off to Kindergarten Round-Up. Justin had to stay home with Grandma Korth for the afternoon. The Kindergarten class to be was divided into three groups: monkeys, elephants and lions. The theme was a safari. Each child was given a safari hat to wear. Ashlin was in the monkey group with Mrs. Bowder. Erica had Mrs. Bowder for a Kindergarten teacher. The students each made a puppet out of a brown lunch sack, learned a song and an Eric Carle story while the parents met with Mr. Berryman, the principal, and Mrs. Hughes, the school nurse. Then at the end of the afternoon the students came in and sang the song they had learned about animals and performed actions while Mrs. Hammond read the Eric Carle book.

Ashlin in Mrs. Bowder's room with her safari hat and monkey puppet.

The students all lined up and ready to sing an animal song.

Ashlin doing some actions.
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  1. Kindergarten round up? Sniff sniff! I can't believe how fast time goes! She will have a blast, although Justin will be lost without her!

  2. What a fun roundup. Ours is testing, testing, more testing and paperwork!

  3. What a fun roundup! Ours is a week from tomorrow but I don't think it will be that involved but still fun!