Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Burning Question

My burning question this week is "What is the one comfort food that you turn to when you are down and just need to be comforted?".

I have given this question lots of thought. Like I have said before, when I am exercising my brain thinks of lots of weird stuff. My answer to this burning question is homemade mac-and-cheese. Growing up we very rarely had the boxed kind, my mom always made the homemade kind. If I tell my kids that we are having mac-and-cheese, the first question they ask is if it is the boxed or homemade kind. They prefer the homemade kind. I love how cheesy it is and it just gives me comfort.

I don't let myself eat it very often though because it is a huge diet breaker. I would hate to guess how long it would take to burn off the calories from even a few tablespoons of the stuff. But, every once in awhile I just need to have some.

Take care,


  1. One word - CHOCOLATE!!!!


  2. There is too many to choose from - hahaha - I guess I must go with Chocolate too.

  3. Homemade mac-n-cheese is the best!