Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter Sunday dawned bright and early at the Leader household yesterday morning. Our children are not late sleepers anyway, so, why would they sleep in when they knew that the Easter bunny would be arriving. The three girls were up and waiting for Justin for wake up before 7:00. Justin's reaction when he saw his new bubble mower from the Easter Bunny was priceless. Erica broke his last bubble mower and the Easter Bunny knew that Justin could not go a mowing season without a new mower. He could not wait to get his new mower out of the box. Ashlin received new sandbox toys from the Easter Bunny. Erica received a kickball set complete with ball and bases. Our backyard is the neighborhood kickball yard and bases were needed (now trees and flower pots will not be needed for bases). Cara received a volleyball. The kids thought that the Easter Bunny did a really good job this year of knowing what was needed at this Leader household for spring/summer entertainment.

Before they could hunt any Easter eggs the three girls all had to take a bath and start to get ready for church. The Easter egg hunt in our house took about two minutes and then it was on to breakfast. Church was at 9:30 and then we went home quick to change clothes and grab our food before heading to Bloomfield to Grandpa and Grandma Leader's house. There was so much food and it was so good. I got to eat dessert (strawberry shortcake) and I also had a few pieces of candy after making it through Lent without sweets.

Justin and Kamree ready for the Easter egg hunt. Justin wouldn't look at the camera because the sun was so bright and it would shine in his eyes when he looked up.

Waiting for Grandma Leader to say it was time for the hunt to begin.

There was a prize for whoever had the most eggs. This is Justin counting his eggs. After he took each one out of his bucket and counted then he would put the egg in the line. He can count to 12 all by himself. He had so much fun this year going to Easter egg hunts. He would hunt for eggs all by himself.

Erica and Justin on Easter morning.
We came home from Grandpa and Grandma Leader's tired after a fun-filled day. There was no school today so everyone had time to play and rest up. Justin got his mower out first thing and mowed many miles already. I told Keith when he came home tonight from work that Justin mowed most of our yard, most of Tyler's yard (two houses down) and most of Ryan's yard next door. He knows to go one way in a straight line and then turn around and mow a straight line back. He went back and forth all day and it was a struggle to get him to come inside for the night.

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  1. That is so cute with the mower! hahaha. I'm glad the Easter Bunny new exactly what was needed!

  2. I love your holiday recaps. And, the kids in flip flops.......precious.

  3. Holy cow! You did have a nice Easter Bunny this year! Our kids were up with the chickens too, and Cory missed all of the excitement!

    I think this was one of our best Easters yet. The weather rocked! Bring on the flip flops for Easter!