Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Snack Bucket

Today is only Tuesday and Ashlin has already had quite an exciting week at preschool. Yesterday was the 100th day of preschool. To celebrate the day, the preschool class got to have an ice cream party. Each student had to bring 100 of an item to be used as a topping for the ice cream. Ashlin took mini marshmallows. It took her awhile to count them all out, but she did it.

Then yesterday she brought home "The Snack Bucket"! In preschool the snack bucket is one of the most important things you can be in charge of. The snack bucket ranks right up there with being the "line leader", being the teacher's helper, or even your birthday. Ashlin's turn comes up about once a month. When you have the snack bucket, you even get to pass the snack out all by yourself. This time we filled the snack bucket up with chocolate chip Rice Krispie treats. She was sooo excited that it was her turn. Last month she didn't get a turn because it was a snow day with no school on her turn (talk about disappointed!).

Take care,


  1. YUMMMM. Choc. Chip Rice Krispie Treats sound amazing. :) I can imagine the pride she has when passing out her treat. In preschool, that is a huge deal!

  2. She looks so cute holding the snack bucket. What a yummy treat. I also wanted to answer you question about the chicken posted on my site. If you are doing it in the crockpot, you do not need to brown it first. I hope you family enjoys it.

  3. Definitely a treat!

    Doesn't that seem weird? Feels like they've been in school longer than 100 days!

  4. Carson's class just celebrated the 100th day of school too and he took 100 macaroni noodles!

    I think the snack bucket might be one of the most important things in preschool. Cute picture!

  5. What a fun idea! I might have to borrow that for our Preschool. Good for her for counting to 100!