Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shoot Me! Week 6 of 52

This week is Week 6 of 52 for the Shoot Me! Challenge sponsored by Carin over at Forever in Blue Jeans. You can check out other mom's photos this week as they step into the picture instead of taking the picture.

Forever In Blue Jeans

This week in honor of Valentine's Day I decided to post a picture of me dancing with my sweetheart. This picture was taken this past fall at Keith' s brother David's wedding. One of the girls took the picture. They thought it was funny that we were dancing. My husband does not like to dance, so, this picture is pretty amazing.

Take care,



  1. Oh, Superman hates to was a struggle to get him to dance at our own wedding! I love that picture, though, and I'll bet your husband is glad to have it!

  2. Yall are so cute! Love the dancing picture. I think I may have one with my husband. :(

  3. This picture brings back some memories! However, I was probably already back at the hotel by the time this picture was taken! HA HA!

    Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day weekend. We are celebrating with the kids on Saturday and we have a date on Sunday! Whoooo hoooo!

  4. This is a great picture! And good for your honey for getting out there and dancing, Lineman isn't a huge fan either. Great picture!