Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Friends & Neighbors

Last Friday night, we had Mexican night at our house. Nicole (one of our neighbors) and I were talking about how we hadn't seen each other or talked in awhile. This is really bad because there is only one house between us. When the weather is nice, we see each other and talk every day, but once the weather gets cold and snowy we all head inside.

We decided Friday night was a good night to get together. We enjoyed eating tacos, burritos, salsa dip and chips and of course dessert of cupcakes and ho-ho bars. The food was delicious and then the adults all had strawberry margaritas and the kids had Shirley Temples. Our kids enjoyed playing with Tyler. We sat and talked about Scott's recent trip to Las Vegas and how we wished the weather would warm up.

During the warmer months on a Friday night you can find us outside on someone's deck enjoying a few cold beverages while our kids all play. We are hoping that these warmer months arrive sooner than later.

Justin and Tyler playing tools.

Justin got into dress-up like his sisters.

Ashlin and Erica really thought that it was warm when they were dancing.

Take care,


  1. Mexican night sounds like a blast! Our neighborhood is the same way. We never see anyone (not even the next door neighbors) during the winter! Hurry up, spring! We are ready to pull out the bag chairs!

  2. Sounds like lots of fun. It sounds like you live in a wonderful neighbor. I can't wait for spring. Right now as I look out my window we are getting more snow on top of the 11 inches we already have!

  3. I dare say I'm ready for the warmer temps, too!

  4. LOL.... I love the tools and tutu combination!! that is such a priceless photo!!

    I am ready for much warmer temps myself.....we are expecting 18 inches of snow tonight.....I am SO SICK of winter:(


  5. Fun times! Definitely ready for warm weather here too!


  6. Looks like the kids had fun! It also sounds a lot like our neighborhood too. It is one thing I definately look forward to in Springtime.

  7. Looks like a fun night! Love the tutu!