Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catholic Schools Week

This week is Catholic Schools Week, therefore, the week has a theme and every day brings something exciting for the kids.

Monday was wear a faith based shirt. Tuesday was sweats day. Today was dress-up day. Thursday is red shirt and khaki pants day. Friday is Mission Jeans day. Any day that my kids don't have to wear uniform is a treat, so they are more than willing to participate, especially when it means they don't have to tuck their shirts in.

Also this week, there are fun activities planned each day. Monday they had a morning prayer service and the special guest was the Mayor of Norfolk, who also happens to be an alumni of the school. Tuesday was a guest speaker. The speaker was John Cook (the University of Nebraska Head Volleyball Coach). Plus on Tuesday, classroom lessons were stopped periodically throughout the day to dance. The kids got to dance to YMCA, the Chicken Dance, etc. The girls all thought that was fun. Today was an all-school Mass and a community coffee with a festival of choirs this evening. Thursday, they are going to take an all-school picture. Plus, it is also the 100th day of school which includes all sorts of activities centered around the number 100. Friday the kids get to play board games in the afternoon and have an ice cream party. Sounds like a fun week to me.

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  1. Ahhh yes, we're also enjoying a special week! So much fun! Tomorrow the kids are dressing like the teachers and teachers are supposed to dress like kids -- I didn't know plaid jumpers come in adult sizes! Also sundaes on Friday - yum!


  2. We are also enjoying a fun week at school!! yesterday was out of uniform day.....and no homework......definitely a fav with the kids!!

    Hope the kids enjoy the rest of Catholic Schools Week!


  3. Sounds like a super fun week! We are celebrating the 100th day of school too!

  4. Sounds like a fun week. We got to celebrate the 100th day last week.