Thursday, June 30, 2016

First Communion-Part II

 After First Communion, Justin got a photo with Fr. Andrews.
 Justin and Gage
 Nathen, Justin, Corbyn and Zach
 Justin and Mason.  We always take a neighborhood photo.  Mason lives just around the corner from us and is a frequent playmate of Justin.
 Justin chose to have a marble cross cake made by Jana.
 The required family photos - siblings

 Justin with his godparents - Uncle David, Uncle Ron and Aunt Holly
 Grandpa and Grandma Leader
Grandpa and Grandma Korth

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

First Communion-Part I

Justin received the sacrament of First Holy Communion on April 10th.
 On Saturday morning, the class had practice and pictures.  This was so much easier this time around since if was a boy instead of a girl.  With the girls, we would be up before the sun doing hair and getting them ready.  Justin was a piece of cake! 
Justin was very proud of his suit for the occasion.  Justin wore a neighborhood suit.  One of our neighbors, Deb, has five boys and this suit has been passed around to friends, family and neighbors over the years and it fit Justin perfect.  I bought him a shirt, tie and shoes, but Deb loaned him the pants and jacket.  When he tried it on the first time, I took his photo and sent it to Deb.  She was so happy it fit him.
 This is one of Justin's best friends, Callen.  These two always find a way to sit together, laugh together, and just be goofballs.  They both have blonde hair and are about the same height.  Plus, they both spend quite a bit of time in the gym watching sisters play sports.

 The class was very large this year!  The lady in charge said that it was one of the largest classes ever for the parish.
 Justin walked down the aisle with Kolby.
 Carly, Justin and Hayden
 Justin and Ty
 Justin with Mrs. Pfeifer, his 2nd Grade teacher.  She used to be our neighbor and Justin loved having her as a teacher.
 Leighton, Brecken and Justin - this may be one of my favorite photos.
Justin with a group of classmates.  What a group of boys!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Driver's Education

You know how you see these student driver cars around town and each time you just cringe and try to stay out of their way.  Well, Cara took driver's education this spring because she is getting close to turning 16 and getting her license.

This is not the vehicle that Cara drove.  She got to drive a Norfolk Catholic school van.  Cara started by taking classroom sessions before getting behind the wheel of a car.  While driving, she had to have drive time in the country, on a highway, city street driving, parking (angle, straight, parallel), round-abouts, etc.  She passed with flying colors. 

Cara has had her learner's permit since November and has actually driven quite a bit.  She would drive us home from school almost every day.  She has driven our family to Omaha to the Century Link and parked in the lot (I was petrified for part of the trip, but Keith wasn't). 

Since Cara took driver's education, she just has to show the DMV her certificate of completion.  She will not have to take a written test or a driving test.  Just pay the fee and take an eye exam.  Plus, we get a discount on our insurance since she passed the class.

Take care,

Monday, June 27, 2016

Wrestling for a Team Title

Justin had the opportunity to compete in a team wrestling tournament during the season.  The Norfolk Catholic little kids wrestling team was invited to participate in a dual wrestling tournament in Crofton.
 Justin was ready to compete as a team.  First, we had to explain that he would not be getting a medal and that his job was to earn points for his team.
 Then when Justin found out that the tournament was in Crofton, he asked Keith if he could call "Coach Judy" to come and watch him wrestle.  Coach Judy is Keith's Aunt.  Judy used to be a coach in Crofton and she loves watching sports.  Keith called Coach Judy and she said that she would be there!  Judy also told Keith that the buttons on her shirt were popping because she was so proud that Justin would think to give her a call.
 Justin had quite the fan club that day at wrestling.  Not only was Coach Judy there, but she brought along Aunt Sharlene.  Grandpa and Grandma Leader also came to watch.  Cara took photos for me since I was in another town for basketball games.
 They won duals against Pierce and Vermillon, SD and then faced a tough Bloomfield/Neligh/Oakdale team in the finals.
 They ended up losing in the finals, but they were so happy to receive the runner-up trophy and medals.  This was a new and great experience for Justin to compete as a team rather than just an individual.  Justin learned how valuable his points were to the team.  He learned that a pin is worth more points than just a win by points.  Great experience!!!
Take care,

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Even's Graduation

 The Fennessy Family hosted a foreign exchange student, Even, this school year.  Even is from Sweden and he spent his senior year in America.
The Fennessy Family lives up the street from our house.  Jannell, the Mom, does in-home daycare and is not available to pick up her kids from school.  Therefore, I was Even, Mary and Nolan's ride home from school.  Every day I would say, "it's time to load the bus" for home.  Even at first wondered why my car wasn't yellow and why it wasn't a bus.  But, we had a great year getting to know Even.  He participated in cross country, bowling, soccer, and the spring musical.  We wished him well and safe travels back home at graduation.

Take care,

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Last Day of School

The last day of school for Justin and Ashlin was on Tuesday, May 17th.  They took Mrs. Vrbka (Kathy), the school secretary a vase of lilacs.  Kathy has a drawer full of snacks that a select group of students get an after-school treat out of almost every day. 

Unfortunately, Cara and Erica had to go two more days than these two.  The jr/high school had two half days of semester tests to finish up.  These two punks rubbed it in both days that they didn't have to go to school, get up early or go to bed early.

It was a great school year!!!  In the fall, Ashlin will be in 6th Grade (top dog in the grade school) and Justin will be in 3rd Grade.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

5th Grade Talent Show

Tradition is on the last day of school that the 5th Grade present a Talent Show for the whole grade school.  The week before they took the show on the road and presented their acts at BelAir Nursing Home for the residents. 
 Ashlin was in two acts.  First, she played a piano solo, "Fur Elise" by Beethoven and then she danced to a song with Saylor.
 The show this year had a wide variety of acts:  jokes, comedy skit, dancing, singing, piano solos, a drum ensemble on buckets, violin, flute, etc.  It was a very entertaining show!
Another tradition is that the 5th Grade end the show with the singing of "Light the World" by candlelight.  The Talent Show is the perfect way to end the school year!

Take care,

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Junior High Awards Night

Junior High Awards Night is a night for the 7th & 8th Grade students to receive both athletic and academic awards for the year.
 Erica was totally shocked when she received a "Gold" Academic Award.  She thought she would receive a silver award, and you could tell she was a little disappointed when they didn't call her name.  But, her smile said it all when her name was called for a gold one instead.  A "Gold" Academic Award means that she carried a 95% or higher average for the school year.  We are so proud of Erica!
Along with her academic award, she received participation awards for track, basketball and volleyball.  In volleyball, she received the "Best Motivator" award for the "B" team by her teammates.

This night was a "divide and conquer" night for Keith and me.  He was at baseball while I went to the awards night.  I sent him a text about Erica's gold academic award and he responded back, "Awesome for Erica!  Justin is the starting pitcher".  Too bad we both couldn't be at both events to cheer on our kids.

Take care,

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5th/6th Grade Track & Field Day

 The grade school has two days of track & field for the 3rd/4th and 5th/6th Grade at the beginning of May.  We all pray for nice weather for two days because if they get cancelled there probably isn't another day to reschedule on the calendar.
 Ashlin participated in the softball throw, long jump, 400 meter run, 200 meter dash and a 4x100 meter relay.  Ashlin placed 3rd in softball throw, 4th in the 400M run and 5th in the 200M dash and 2nd in the 4x100 meter relay.
 Sorry no photos of her running because my job was to get students lined up by heat and lane for the starter.
 It was a bright and sunny day at the track!!!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jump Rope for Heart

 Every year Ms. Freese sponsors "Jump Rope for Heart".  The kids spend some time in PE class working on their jump roping skills and getting signed up.
 Justin couldn't wait to jump this year.  The kids jump for three hours on a Sunday afternoon and raise money for the American Heart Association.  They have the chance to win prizes and get a treat bag at the end.
Take care,

Monday, June 20, 2016

Cara's Confirmation

 Cara celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation on March 30th.  She chose her godfather, Uncle Randy, to be her sponsor.  We had an early supper with Randy, Grandma and Grandpa Leader and Grandma and Grandpa Korth.  The best part may have been the cake.  Cara chose strawberry cake with Bavarian cream filling.  It was so delicious!

 The Mass was celebrated by the retired Archbishop Curtiss, Fr. Dan Andrews, and Father Matt.  The Knights of Columbus lined the aisle with their swords for the processional and recessional.  Each confirmation candidate walked in with their sponsor behind them.

 The 9th Grade Confirmation Class
 Cara's Godparent Group
 The NC 9th Grade girls
 Cara & Charli
 Cara & Emma
 Cara & McKinzie
 Cara & Bree
 Cara & Jadyn
Cara & Elliot (the neighborhood kids).  They tried to get out of this photo, but it is a tradition.  We have photos of Cara & Elliot together from 2nd Grade First Communion and 6th Grade Promotion.  Not too long ago, Cara was taller than Elliot, but not anymore.
Take care,