Thursday, June 23, 2016

Junior High Awards Night

Junior High Awards Night is a night for the 7th & 8th Grade students to receive both athletic and academic awards for the year.
 Erica was totally shocked when she received a "Gold" Academic Award.  She thought she would receive a silver award, and you could tell she was a little disappointed when they didn't call her name.  But, her smile said it all when her name was called for a gold one instead.  A "Gold" Academic Award means that she carried a 95% or higher average for the school year.  We are so proud of Erica!
Along with her academic award, she received participation awards for track, basketball and volleyball.  In volleyball, she received the "Best Motivator" award for the "B" team by her teammates.

This night was a "divide and conquer" night for Keith and me.  He was at baseball while I went to the awards night.  I sent him a text about Erica's gold academic award and he responded back, "Awesome for Erica!  Justin is the starting pitcher".  Too bad we both couldn't be at both events to cheer on our kids.

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