Monday, June 27, 2016

Wrestling for a Team Title

Justin had the opportunity to compete in a team wrestling tournament during the season.  The Norfolk Catholic little kids wrestling team was invited to participate in a dual wrestling tournament in Crofton.
 Justin was ready to compete as a team.  First, we had to explain that he would not be getting a medal and that his job was to earn points for his team.
 Then when Justin found out that the tournament was in Crofton, he asked Keith if he could call "Coach Judy" to come and watch him wrestle.  Coach Judy is Keith's Aunt.  Judy used to be a coach in Crofton and she loves watching sports.  Keith called Coach Judy and she said that she would be there!  Judy also told Keith that the buttons on her shirt were popping because she was so proud that Justin would think to give her a call.
 Justin had quite the fan club that day at wrestling.  Not only was Coach Judy there, but she brought along Aunt Sharlene.  Grandpa and Grandma Leader also came to watch.  Cara took photos for me since I was in another town for basketball games.
 They won duals against Pierce and Vermillon, SD and then faced a tough Bloomfield/Neligh/Oakdale team in the finals.
 They ended up losing in the finals, but they were so happy to receive the runner-up trophy and medals.  This was a new and great experience for Justin to compete as a team rather than just an individual.  Justin learned how valuable his points were to the team.  He learned that a pin is worth more points than just a win by points.  Great experience!!!
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