Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Driver's Education

You know how you see these student driver cars around town and each time you just cringe and try to stay out of their way.  Well, Cara took driver's education this spring because she is getting close to turning 16 and getting her license.

This is not the vehicle that Cara drove.  She got to drive a Norfolk Catholic school van.  Cara started by taking classroom sessions before getting behind the wheel of a car.  While driving, she had to have drive time in the country, on a highway, city street driving, parking (angle, straight, parallel), round-abouts, etc.  She passed with flying colors. 

Cara has had her learner's permit since November and has actually driven quite a bit.  She would drive us home from school almost every day.  She has driven our family to Omaha to the Century Link and parked in the lot (I was petrified for part of the trip, but Keith wasn't). 

Since Cara took driver's education, she just has to show the DMV her certificate of completion.  She will not have to take a written test or a driving test.  Just pay the fee and take an eye exam.  Plus, we get a discount on our insurance since she passed the class.

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