Wednesday, June 29, 2016

First Communion-Part I

Justin received the sacrament of First Holy Communion on April 10th.
 On Saturday morning, the class had practice and pictures.  This was so much easier this time around since if was a boy instead of a girl.  With the girls, we would be up before the sun doing hair and getting them ready.  Justin was a piece of cake! 
Justin was very proud of his suit for the occasion.  Justin wore a neighborhood suit.  One of our neighbors, Deb, has five boys and this suit has been passed around to friends, family and neighbors over the years and it fit Justin perfect.  I bought him a shirt, tie and shoes, but Deb loaned him the pants and jacket.  When he tried it on the first time, I took his photo and sent it to Deb.  She was so happy it fit him.
 This is one of Justin's best friends, Callen.  These two always find a way to sit together, laugh together, and just be goofballs.  They both have blonde hair and are about the same height.  Plus, they both spend quite a bit of time in the gym watching sisters play sports.

 The class was very large this year!  The lady in charge said that it was one of the largest classes ever for the parish.
 Justin walked down the aisle with Kolby.
 Carly, Justin and Hayden
 Justin and Ty
 Justin with Mrs. Pfeifer, his 2nd Grade teacher.  She used to be our neighbor and Justin loved having her as a teacher.
 Leighton, Brecken and Justin - this may be one of my favorite photos.
Justin with a group of classmates.  What a group of boys!

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  1. Oh my -- he looks so adorable! What a special occasion!!!