Friday, October 9, 2015

Sports Weekend - Part III Flag Football

 Yes, we never stay home and yes, we spend a lot of time on a bench or in a chair watching our kids play sports.
 Justin is not to be left out of a fall sport when all his sisters are playing volleyball.  Therefore, Justin is giving flag football a try.  He is on the Patriots team and is learning rules and how to play a different sport.  He wasn't so sure that he wanted to play, but he is giving it a chance.

 This was his second game and his team has not won a game yet.  They are too busy running around and I don't think they care if they win or lose.
 In the first game, Justin scored a touchdown on a long running play.  All the kids change positions about every other play.  He plays running back, quarterback or receiver.  There aren't many passing plays in this division though.
 They play a total of four games and they have already played two, so, we are almost done.  He is having fun and that is all that matters.
Take care,


  1. Looks like so much! Love watching kids run around! Have a great weekend!

  2. I hope Justin has loads of fun trying out flag football this year. Carson always played flag football until he discovered lacrosse. Since they conflict, he officially ditched flag football!