Monday, October 5, 2015

Sports Weekend: Part I-Jr High V-ball

It was a full weekend of sports at our house.  No sleeping in on Saturday morning.  Erica had to be at the gym at 6:45 a.m. to board the bus for a junior high volleyball tournament in Wisner.  Cara travelled with the varsity squad to a tournament in Columbus to keep book and film.  Ashlin, Justin and Keith got to sleep in before heading to Humphrey for a 5th Grade club volleyball tournament.  And that was all just on Saturday!
 Only the "A" 7th & 8th Grade teams got to travel to the tournament on Saturday.  Erica normally plays "B" team, but she is a sub for the "A" team and got to travel.  The 7th Grade girls placed 2nd and the 8th Grade girls placed 4th in the tournament.  These girls were pretty happy to receive runner-up medals.
 The first game was a straight three set win over Laurel/Concord.  Erica received playing time in the third set.
 Next up was a straight three set win over David City.  Erica received more playing time and even had an ace serve.  Erica's serve is a work in progress - never quite sure what is going to happen.  Will it go over, will it not go over, will it shank to the left, etc.

 Then in the championship game they lost in two sets to Howells/Dodge. 
After sitting through a morning of junior high volleyball, I left Wisner and headed to Humphrey for some 5th Grade volleyball. 

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  1. You're in volleyball heaven there! Sounds like loads of fun! We're hoping for a win in the 8th Grade girls game tonight and tomorrow night too!