Monday, October 12, 2015

"Diggin Up Pink"

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Tradition is to have one "Pink Out" night for volleyball and usually that game is the match against Battle Creek.  The teams wear pink uniforms and the crowd also wears pink.  Each player could pick one person to play in honor of or in memory of.  Cara, without hesitation, picked to play in memory of her Aunt Lorrie who passed away from breast cancer 10 years ago.
 Cara made sure that Keith called Uncle Randy to tell him about the game and that she was playing for Aunt Lorrie.  Uncle Randy came to watch Cara play in "Pink Out" even though he had parent/teacher conferences to be at also that night.
I asked Cara if she remembers Aunt Lorrie.  Cara was 4 years old almost 5 when Lorrie passed away and I wasn't sure if she would remember much.  Cara's answer was "Yes, I remember her".  When I asked her for an example of what she remembers, she gave me two things.  She remembers Lorrie giving her an art box filled with crayons, paper, markers and stencils.  The stencils were made out of ice cream buckets. But, she also remembers going with Keith, Uncle David and Uncle Cory to visit Aunt Lorrie in the hospital.  Cara said that Lorrie was sleeping when they got to the hospital, but she tapped on the window and Lorrie woke up.  Cara then said that she got in trouble for waking Lorrie up.

 It wasn't Cara's best night on the floor.  The freshman girls haven't played a game for 16 days and it showed.  But, the night was about the cause and there was lots of pink.

 This section of girls are the girls in 4th-6th Grade that play club volleyball.  They had practice and then walked over to watch the big girls play ball.
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  1. So sweet that they do the "pink out!" Proud of you girls!

  2. Love this tradition! Carson has wore pink alot this month for Aunt Lorrie too. Unfortunately, since he was only two years old when she lost her battle, he doesn't remember her, which is so heartbreaking to me. She would have loved the new little girls too! We miss her so much!