Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sports Weekend - Part II 5th Grade Club

After finishing in Wisner with Erica's tournament, I jumped in the car and headed South and West to Humphrey for Ashlin's tournament. 
Another Mom and I drove like crazy hoping to make their 2nd pool play game, but when we both arrived at the gym the girls were just warming up for their first game.  The 5th grade part of the tournament was running 45 minutes behind.
NC had 14 5th Grade girls playing in the tournament.  Therefore, seven girls would play one set and then a different seven girls would play the second set.
First the girls played Stanton and split one set apiece.  Then they played Humphrey/Lindsay Holy Family and split sets again.
Coming out of pool play the girls were the 4th seed out of 8 teams for the single elimination tournament.  They played Clarkson/Leigh and lost two very close sets.  The girls had fun and learned a few things.
This weekend they will play in another tournament in Battle Creek.  Win or lose they are having so much fun!
Take care,


  1. Great job girls!! Kind of wish we had started volleyball earlier as it's been such a fun season! Good luck in Battle Creek!

  2. It looks like you are having loads of fun in the gym this fall! Hope you have a great weekend!