Wednesday, July 15, 2015

JV Volleyball Camp

Cara was asked to participate in a team camp at Wayne State College.  The camp was played at the college and at the community center.  There was a JV team division and a varsity team division. 
 Each team was placed in a pool and you played each team in your pool.  Then the teams were re-pooled and you played each of those teams. 
 Cara played on the Norfolk Catholic JV team.  She was the only freshman playing with a group of sophomores.  It was a day of learning for Cara.  She played better is she played more aggressive.  She played middle hitter and had a few blocks.
 Cara is learning to adapt to new teammates, learning new techniques while playing the net, and adjusting to being a freshman on the team.  She came home one tired girl after playing six games of volleyball, but happy to be playing.
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  1. Wow -- way to go Cara!! Am sure that was a great workout and lots of fun too!