Monday, July 13, 2015

Winning a Grand Championship & Fair Recap

No one ever said that 4-H was easy or that completing projects for the fair is easy.  But, learning skills that will last a life time is not easy either.  There was complaining at our house, a Mom pushing and yelling, and some failures and some success, but in the end many, many projects were taken to the county fair and many ribbons were won.  
 Trust me there were moments when they all wanted to quit and give up, but I won't let them.  When you take your projects to the fair, each 4-Her must go before the judge and be interviewed about the exhibit.  This was Cara's second year to bake a chiffon cake.  Last year she received a purple at county fair and a blue at state fair.  The goal this year was purple ribbons at both fairs.  Therefore, Wednesday night when we walked through the 4-H building looking at exhibits, seeing a big purple grand champion rosette on Cara's chiffon cake was a shock and total excitement.  This is Cara's first rosette.  The smile on her face and the excitement in her voice made all the hard work totally worth it.  Now to earn that purple at state fair.
 This was Erica's first year to try canning.  The first batch of blueberry/lemon jam was a flop and didn't set up.  Therefore two days before fair, it was time to try again with some strawberry jam.  Cara's jar of jam received a blue ribbon because the head space was incorrect.  Erica's jar, however, earned a purple ribbon and the right to go to the state fair.  I think Erica's interview totally clinched it because she said that she shared with the judge about the flop and having to try again.
Cara's toilet paper roll cross and stenciled burlap table runner both are going to state.  This stenciled burlap table runner was also a re-do project.  The first table runner was not good, but I will still use it on my dining room table.

 The girls each had entries in the floral area taking annuals (marigolds) and perennials (Shasta daisies).  Erica gets to take flowers to the state fair.  All flower beds will be raided for state fair entries.  Ashlin also took vegetables to the fair for the first time.  She entered yellow onions and rhubarb.  The judge told Ashlin that she had excellent interviews and knew all about her products.  Her onions received a blue ribbon because some had double stems and her rhubarb received a purple ribbon.  Next year we will try to get more vegetables to the fair.
 These are not good photos.  But, Erica and Ashlin made whirly things to hang in the garden or trees.  They used empty water bottles, colored them with Sharpie markers, and then cut them.  They are cute and I hung them in the trees today.
It was a great year at the fair!  Cara made $65, Erica $58 and Ashlin $63 in 4-H premiums.  They each made a few more premiums in open class.  Justin earned $15 in open class on his Lego entry and a bunch of floral items.  Now we will get state fair items ready to go in August.  Cara and Ashlin were asked to write articles for the Norfolk Daily News 4-H Edition this fall.  Then we will start looking for items to take for next year.

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