Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stanton 6th Grade Tournament

 After watching Ashlin play volleyball at the YMCA in the morning, we went to Stanton to watch Erica and the 6th Graders play in a tournament for club ball.  Erica was on the NC Black team this week. 
 This tournament was made up of eight teams total with four teams in each pool.  Each team plays every team in its pool and then the top four teams, based on pool play records, were placed in the gold team tournament and the bottom four teams in the silver team tournament.
 This tournament featured some teams that the girls hadn't played before, such as, Clarkson/Leigh and Humphrey/Lindsey/Humphrey St. Francis.  Both Norfolk Catholic teams ended up in the gold tournament after pool play with both of them losing their first tournament match and ending their play.
Erica is improving her skills, both serving, hitting and spiking.  She needs to gain confidence in her overhand serve, but it will come.  It was a long and fun day in the gyms.

Take care,


  1. You are on the sports go-round now! Fun times, I'm sure! Good job Erica!

  2. I used to love volleyball so much! Such a great, competitive sport.