Thursday, October 16, 2014

6th Grade V-Ball in Laurel Tournament

 After spending the morning in the gym watching Cara play volleyball, we headed for Laurel for the 6th Grade portion of a volleyball tournament.  Norfolk Catholic had two teams in the 6th Grade part of the tournament. 
 The girls struggled with their serves in the tournament and they didn't work as a team.  You could tell they hadn't played in a few weeks.
 They split sets in pool play against two teams.  Then entered tournament play.  In the first game of tournament play, they beat Bloomfield in three sets.  Then Hartington was up next.  After winning the first set, they lost the next two sets to end their play in the tournament.

 Justin, the cheerleader, was at the tournament cheering for his Lady Knights.  Sometimes, he sat on the bench with the girls, would join them in huddles, stand on the sidelines and cheer and also shake hands with the opposing team when the game was over.  He has fun at the tournaments!

Take care,


  1. You guys are sooo busy! Justin is such a trooper!

  2. Justin as the cheerleader is just too cute! Playing as a team is a good lesson to learn......not always easy though!