Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Season Ended

Cara had her volleyball season cut short by an injury.  She strained the upper shoulder muscle on her rotator cuff.  Therefore, she missed the last week of the volleyball season.  She missed a regular season game against Columbus Scotus and a tournament at Norfolk Public.
Therefore, Cara became a coach from the bench.  She helped direct floor traffic from the bench with Coach Freese.  It killed her to sit and watch and not be on the floor.  But, Dr. Adams told her no physical activity for two weeks. She has daily exercises to do to strengthen the shoulder and she has been working with the trainer at school.  Dr. Adams feels that it is just a strain and not a tear because she has too much strength in the arm.  Naturally, this would be her right "swinging" arm.
She shed a few tears over the fact that she could not play.  But, we told her how lucky she is that this happened as an 8th Grader and not as a senior.  She is lucky that it isn't torn.  A tear would mean surgery and 4-6 months of rehab and recovery.  Cara still has spring volleyball to look forward to.  The rest will help, plus basketball is right around the corner.

Take care,


  1. Glad it's not worse and she can rest up and coach a bit! Take it easy Cara!

  2. Poor Cara! I am sure she was so disappointed! I hope she feels better soon!