Monday, October 27, 2014

Ashlin Plays Y-Ball

I didn't mean to take such a long blogging break, but life has been busy.  Between work, homework, and volleyball, it has been busy.  I'm not even sure where to start since I am behind, so, I guess I will start with this last weekend and work backwards.
 After practicing volleyball with her team, the Bommerangs, for two weeks, Ashlin had her first volleyball game on Saturday.  She is playing volleyball at the YMCA in the 3rd-4th Grade division.  Ashlin is loving every minute of it too!  After watching Cara and Erica play ball, she knows the game and is using her skills.
For being small and skinny, Ashlin has a powerful serve.  She serves about two-thirds of the way back and lets her overhand serve fly.
 Ashlin's team were successful on Saturday earning a win.  This age group is pretty much a get the ball over the net and earn a point, but there were a few volleys and a few three hits on one side of the net points. 
Ashlin is having fun and that is the main thing.  She will get to play spring volleyball and league next summer, so, this is a good learning and practice session for then.  You can tell by watching Ashlin that she has learned some skills from her older sisters and that she has practiced them in the driveway at home.

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  1. Good job Ashlin! Looks like another athlete in the family! :) It's been a busy time, hasn't it!

  2. I completely feel your pain! Life is sooo busy any more! It looks like Ashlin is having a great time!